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Dashhugger... The original dash cover  

Looking for a great dash cover? Check out our key ingredients:

Our covers will add years of life to your car or truck's dash by protecting it from destructive ultraviolet rays, weather and other harsh environmental hazards. Dashhuggers will also protect you by reducing harmful ultraviolet glare.

Superior construction with custom tailored corners and pleats to fit your dash.  Each edge is completed by a permanent stitch to prevent scratching and fraying. Click here to find out more.

Superior colors for that factory installed look and feel. Each cover is designed, fitted and tested to insure a perfect match to your vehicle's model. Click here to see our colors.

Custom embroidery for that special saying, name or initials. We also feature Industry standard logos to enhance your vehicles interior in a very impressive way. Click to see our styles.

Each cover is contoured to your vehicle's shape and curves so you are insured an easy installation and fit. For added strength we include specially-sized Heat Resistive Velcro™ tabs to help your cover attach firmly to your dash. Click here to see how simple it is.

Lifetime Warranty! - That's correct! Click here to see...

All this for only $35.00 (Up to $48.00 on larger dashes)

Construction: Material & Design   

Special Blend - Our special blend of polyester fibers prevents shrinkage while the solution-dyed polyester fiber resists fading. Other covers shrink and fade!
One-Piece Construction - Our single-piece construction leaves no part of the dash exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays. Other covers leave portions of your dash exposed! Click here to see a picture.
Vents Bound - All of our vents and special openings are bound for a clean, finished product. Other covers are not vent-bound and look unfinished! Click here to see a picture.

Construction: Stitching & Contour

Zig-Zag Stitch - Our stitching does not leave excess material under the cover. Other covers use a blind stitch which leaves excess material under the cover that keeps the cover from laying flat on the dash!
Contour Sew Lines - Our contour sew lines allow our covers to bend and form to the exact shape of your dash. Other covers may not form to the natural shape of your dash! Click here to see a picture.

Attachment & Velcro

Sewn-in Velcro™ - We sew the Velcro™ to our cover so it can never come off. Other covers have a stick on Velcro™ which does not stay on. Some covers do not have any Velcro™ at all!
Heat-Treated Velcro™ - The Velcro™ that we supply that attaches the cover to the dash is heat-treated which means it will not melt in the hot summer sun. Other covers come with standard Velcro™ which will melt in the sun!

            Click here to see what you can find wrong with other covers.



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