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 Chevrolet Astro Van 96-98 (CH-96 Black) 
 Chevrolet Astro Van 96- (CH-96 Cry/Blu) 
 Chevrolet Astro Van 96- (CH-96 Wine) 
 Chevrolet Astro Van Safari full custom 90-95 (CH-63 Black) 
 Chevrolet Astro Van Safari full custom 90-95 (CH-63 Taupe) 
 Chevrolet Camaro 67-68 (CH-1 Wine) 
 Chevrolet Camaro 70-78 all models w/air (CH-3 Dk/Tan) 
 Chevrolet Camaro 70-78 all models w/o air (CH-4 Red) 
 Chevrolet Camaro 82-83 (CH-6 Black) 
 Chevrolet Caprice 94-96 (CH-90 Dk/Blue) 
 Chevrolet Caprice w/wo air 71-76 (CH-14 Cry/Blu) 
 Chevrolet Cavalier 10RS / Z24 85-90 (CH-67 Dk/Blue) 
 Chevrolet Cavalier 10RS REAR COVER 1988 (CH-67R Med/Blue) 
 Chevrolet Chevelle 68-69 (CH-10 Dk/Blue) 
 Chevrolet Chevette w/air 76-87 (CH-51 Lt/Tan) 
 Chevrolet Classic 71-76 w/air (CH-14 Black) 
 Chevrolet Corsica 91-96 (CH-83 Dk/Blue) 
 Chevrolet Corvette 1980 (CH-18 Dk/Tan) 
 Chevrolet Corvette 1997-2003 w/o hud (CH-105 Lt/Gray) 
 Chevrolet Corvette 53-56 w/wo center mirror (CH-64 Black) 
 Chevrolet Corvette 78-83 (CH-18 Dk/Blue) 
 Chevrolet Corvette 78-83 (CH-18 Red) 
 Chevrolet Corvette 94-96 (CH-92 Lt/Gray) 
 Chevrolet Corvette w/wo center mirror 57-62 (CH-70 Black) 
 Chevrolet El Camino 73-77 w/wo air (CH-8 Dk/Blue) 
 Chevrolet El Camino 73-77 w/wo air (CH-8 Dk/Tan) 
 Chevrolet Espirit 1986-1987 (CH-59 Cry/Blue) 
 Chevrolet Impala 65-66 (CH-39 Dk/Tan) 
 Chevrolet Impala w/wo air 1973 (CH-14 Dk/Brown) 
 Chevrolet Mailbu 70-72 (CH-11 Dk/Blue) 
 Chevrolet Monte Carlo dual air bags 95-98 (CH-91 Taupe) 
 Chevrolet Monza 1975 1980 (CH-20 Teal) 
 Chevrolet Nova 1962-1965 (CH-47 Dk/ Blue) 
 Chevrolet Nova 68 (CH-97 Lt/Gray) 
 Chevrolet Nova 68 (CH-97 Taupe) 
 Chevrolet Nova 75-76 w/air (CH-24 Black) 
 Chevrolet Nova Rear cover 1977-1979 (CH-25R / Red) 
 Chevrolet Spectrum 85-86 (CH-73 Smoke) 
 Chevrolet Spectrum 87-91 (CH-62 Dk/Blue) 
 Chevrolet Tiltmaster (DT-10 Black) 
 Chevrolet truck 88-94 (CH-56 Teal) 
 Chevrolet truck 95-96 (CH-95 Cry/Blu) 
 Chevrolet truck 95-96 (CH-95 Wine) 
 Chevrolet Truck 97- (CH-98 Cry/Blu) 
 Chevrolet Truck 55-59 (CH-49 Black) 
 Chevrolet Van 78-95 (CH-33 Dk/Blue) 
 Chevrolet Van 78-95 (CH-33 Dk/Tan) 
 Chevrolet Van 78-95 (CH-33 Smoke) 
 Chevrolet van Sportsvan w/wo air 78-96 (CH-33 Lt/Gry) 
 Chevrolet Venture Van 97- (PT-42 Dk/Blue) 

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